Greatest Youtuber EVER!

Hello Once Again Audience
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

B- I can swing my sword

Up B- Heli-cart

Side B- Cute. Win. Fail

Down B- Wheeeeeeeeeeew car

FS-Toby Dubstep

K.O. 1- DAMN IT!

K.O. 2- NOOO!


Screen K.O.: OW!

Taunt 1- Boyah!

Taunt 2- I love you Griffon!

Taunt 3- Snap Crack your dead!

Win 1:I beat you video game!

Win 2: You cannot afford ford my diamond sword sword!

Win 3:Owned!

Snake Codec

Snake: Who is this?

Otocon: That's Tobuscus, one of the greatest youtubers

Snake: Can he swing his sword?

Otocon: He is the lord of diamond swords


Otocon: Have a nuggut in a biscut

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